The Zonta Club of Bonita Springs-Estero presented over 575 pieces of costume jewelry to Bonita Springs Elementary School students in time for Mother’s Day Sunday, May 9, 2021. 

The club originally planned to present the jewelry in 2020, however, the COVID pandemic came and the event was canceled. Throughout the summer the club continued to collect jewelry from members, friends and the community. Over 700 pieces were collected and on Saturday, March 5 of this year, the membership met in-person practicing COVID precautions, to organize the pieces to be delivered to the school.

 “We are so proud to have completed this project and to be able to provide a wonderful Mother’s Day for the children, especially since the pandemic kept everyone away,”  stated Trish Leonard, Club President.  “Our members and the entire community were very generous and giving. We cannot thank them enough.”

Principal Rob Cooper along with several of his staff, graciously accepted the gifts. Single dads were not forgotten either. The local McDonald’s Franchise, Adams Food Group, donated meal certificates to provide a meal for kids to share with their fathers.